About Us

Developing technology, social access, and advancing medical studies enable the field of health tourism, which has become quite widespread today, to find a great response in our country.

With the geographical location of our country, the use of advanced technology in health, the communication presented above the quality standards, meeting the patient demands directly, taking into account the economic standards, with the approval we received from the Ministry of Health and Tourism and our Class A Travel Agency Authorization Certificate, INOVA HEALTH TOURISM made its choice from our country. We offer direct satisfaction-based health care based on the theme of trust to all our medical patients.

As INOVA HEALTH TOURISM; Together, we complete a journey process based on the quality standards of the medical services we provide, cost effectiveness, post-treatment follow-up process and 100% reliability in travel services to our patients.

To reach us; You can communicate and evaluate the details of the process through our extensive office networks abroad, our call center where you can reach 24/7, and the communication channels (e-mail, whatsapp) on our website where we offer online access. Our patients who apply have the opportunity to access the medical evaluations of our physicians, who have the expertise in their field, in the fastest way, and at the same time, their requests and stories are evaluated within 24 hours and detailed feedback is provided to the patient.


To our patients; By providing the most suitable hospital and doctor options for their treatment, detailed information about the medical technologies and operation methods to be used during the treatment is provided. To our patients; All alternative price options in the treatment completion process are presented, allowing them to compare and choose the most suitable service provider for them.


Our patients are ready to welcome them on their journey to our country, from the moment they get off the plane, and all necessary airport transfers, accommodation and hospital services are provided to them free of charge. We offer our incoming patients alternative flight and accommodation options regarding their travel planning, and we provide the most suitable organization for them.


In line with the treatment planning, we organize the hospital and doctor appointments in the most appropriate way according to the patient demands. Our operation center; monitors all treatment processes of our patients and regularly informs our patients and their relatives. As INOVA HEALTH TOURISM; For each of our patients, we assign a private INOVA Health Consultant who speaks the patient’s own language. Thus, we provide our patients with the opportunity to establish a healthy communication during the entire treatment process and to convey their demands in the most accurate way.


We take an active role in the realization of all the necessary procedures and organizations for our patient to leave the hospital on the day the treatment process is completed and discharged.

In the process when our patient returned to his country after safely providing the airport transfer; We provide regular follow-up of the post-treatment health status, and where necessary, we provide online consultation between the specialist doctor and the patient.