Breast Lift Surgery

Women’s breasts may sag due to the natural effects of aging, heredity, gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, or weight loss. The operations performed to give a more atractive shape to the breast, to lift the sagging breasts, to increase the volume and firmness of the breasts that have lost their volume and tightness are called Mastopexy or breast lift surgery. Mastopexy operation lifts and tightens the breast. The purpose of aesthetic breast lift is that the breast and especially the nipple move forward naturally and place it higher.

Breast prostheses are used during surgery to add volume to women who want to increase their breast size while lifting.

What can be done in the breast with mastopexy surgery?

Aesthetic breast lift surgery revitalizes the breasts with a younger appearance by removing the excess and loose skin of the breast and strengthening the tissues that support the breast. After mastopexy surgery, the nipples  are lifted up and the breast is felt tighter when the breast is touched. Mastopexy Surgery can also reduce the size of the sagging and enlarged areola and make it lift. The size of the breasts can be increased by placing a breast prosthesis during mastopexy surgery.

Who is mastopexy surgery performed?

The best candidates are women whose breasts are: women with sagging breasts, loss of shape or volume, flattened, elongated and nipples pointing downward. In addition, women whose nipples are below the inframamarial line benefit from mastopexy surgery. Women who want to have a mastopexy operation should have a stable weight and realistic goals.

Who can not have aesthetic breast lift surgery?

Women who are planning to conceive are advised to postpone the surgery as pregnancy and breastfeeding can distort the results of the mastopexy surgery. During the surgery, the breast is lifted and reshaped. The nipple is lifted up and carried over the inframammary fold.

How is mastopexy surgery performed?

Mastopexy operation must be performed in a hospital and under general anesthesia, the operation takes approximately 2-3 hours.

There are several types of incisions that can be used when performing aesthetic breast lift, and the type of incision to be used is determined according to the criteria: size and shape of the breast, the degree of sagging, the size and position of the areola / nipples, excess skin amount, skin quality.

Three types of incisions are made. The round incision around the areola is used for slight sagging. In women with moderate sagging breasts, a lollipop-shaped incision surrounding the areola and straight downward is used. In women with excessively sagging breasts, an incision starting from the areola in the form of an anchor extending to the sides along the breast fold is used. Before the operation, measurements and marks are made to give the desired shape and contour to the breast. If the areola is wide, it is narrowed. Excess breast skin is removed. Horizontal incisions are hidden in the breast fold. All scars mature and fade over time.

How is the postoperative period after mastopexy operation?

After the operation, a special bra that supports the breasts is worn.  The breasts feel uncomfortable but usually not very painful and will go away within a few days. You can leave the hospital the next morning. Numbness in the breasts and nipples disappears as the swelling decreases.