Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL)

It is also called Brazilian Butt Lift or Butt lift operation.

These procedures can be used separately,  or combined  depend of aesthetic needs of the butt. Liposuction, fat grafts, silicone prostheses and tissue flaps are used for butt aesthetics. These procedures can be used alone or together according to aesthetic needs in  the butt aesthetics.

Excess fat of your butt, waist, abdomen, thighs can be aspirated by liposuction. While the waist, abdomen and thighs are thinned with liposuction, these aspirated fats  are used in the form of fat grafts to beautify the hip contours and to lift and enlarge the hips.

Silicone implants for the butt are preferred in weak people who don’t have   suitable fat tissue . Sometimes, fat grafts can be placed around the silicone implant to make it look more natural.

In those who lose weight after obesity surgery or with an intense diet restriction, excessive sagging is seen in the skin of the butt . The fat graft is not used because there is not sufficient adipose tissue in these people or fat graft will dissolve due to diet restriction even if they have adipose tissue. In this case, butt implant is not a suitable solution. The butt skin sags a lot and there is no flexible skin to cover the implant tightly. The skin of the hanging tissues is removed and this tissue can be used as a flap to augment the butt. Sometimes, an implant can be added to this procedure if more volume is desired.

What are the changes after butt lift surgery?

Butt lift aesthetic surgery increases the dimensions of the desired areas of the butt and adds volume for a projected and fuller butt. Butt lift creates thinning in the desired areas of the butt, and provides aesthetically beautiful butt.

How is fat (graft) transplanted for butt lift?

Fats are removed by liposuction from the area where fat is excessive and that disrupt the aesthetic appearance. These fats are purified. Purified fat cells are injected into targeted areas of the buttocks at different depths to achieve optimal volume and shape. Silicone implants can be placed on the gluteus maximus muscle, inside the muscle or under the fascia of the  muscle, through incision or incisions that are usually made in the midline and hidden in the sulcus between the hips.

How is recovery after butt lift  surgery?

A pressure garment around the hips is worn after after fat transplantation. . This garment is used for 4-8 weeks. There may be swelling and pain in the buttock during the first  days. Patients should avoid putting pressure on their butts by lying on their side or prone. After a week, patients can usually return to work and light activities. After a month, swelling and bruising will disappear and some of the transplanted fat  will dissolve. About 3 months after surgery, fat cells remaining in the butt and the new shape of the butt become permanent. If an implant has been  used, sitting on the buttocks should be avoided until the surgeon gives permission and care should be taken to clean this area.