Breast Augmentation Surgery

Aesthetic Breast Augmentation Surgery

Many women are not satisfied with the size and shape of their breasts. Naturally, small and empty breasts are difficult to make clothes look full and may disrupt self-body image. The breasts can be congenitally small, in addition lifestyle, aging, can lead breast volume loss. Pregnancies, breastfeeding and excessive weight loss cause volume loss of the breasts. Breast prostheses enlarge small breasts and provide the natural balance between empty breast and the rest of the body. Scientific studies have shown that after aesthetic breast augmentation, women’s self-confidence increases and they look at life more positively. After breast augmentation surgery, women become more attractive as the breasts fill the clothes better, and this result helps them feel better.

Breast Augmentation Surgery Istanbul
What should be considered before breast augmentation surgery?

The better you organize your housework before breast augmentation surgery, the more you can focus your attention on your breast surgery and recover faster and easier. If you feel tension prior to breast augmentation surgery, doing something  to prepare for surgery often helps alleviate  anxiety.

Prepare your home, it’s a good idea to clean your apartment or house the week before surgery. Having a peaceful and clean hom after surgery makes you comfortable. Don’t wait for the last few days for cleaning, then you may have more important things to do. Make sure the duties are done so you have nothing to worry about during your recovery.

Organize your room, try to arrange your needs in one place so it will be easier to find when needed. Create comfortable areas in your living room where you can relax for the first few weeks after surgery.

Shopping is another important thing to do before breast augmentation surgery. Stock up on easy-to-prepare meals, snacks and drinks. Eat a healthy diet and avoid drinking alcohol for a few days before your surgery.

Prepare comfortable clothes that are easy to put on and take off.

If you have a small child, it is important to plan his/her care before breast augmentation surgery. You may not be able to take care of it while you recover. Make sure you have someone ready to help. Likewise, if you have a pet, you should plan its care.

If you have problems with your teeth, be sure to have it treated before surgery because we do not recommend that you go to the dentist for 6 months because it may cause infection in your breast implant.

Avoid taking aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, fish oil, ginkgo biloba, cherry and garlic supplements 2 weeks before the surgery, these products dilute your blood and cause bleeding.

Radiological examination of the breast should be performed before breast augmentation surgery. This examination can be done by breast ultrasonography if the young candidate has no problems during the examination. If our patient is middle-aged, if he has some previous complaints, and if there are examination findings, it can be done by mammography. If you are breastfeeding, surgery should definitely be postponed.

If you smoke, you should reduce or quit two weeks before your surgery to reduce the risk of wound healing problems  and chest infections such as pneumonia  .

Avoid excessively vigorous exercise the day before the surgery.

Pack a small suitcase on your way to the hospital. Put your glasses (do not use contact lenses during surgery), loose clothes and sports shoes inside.

Do not come to the surgery alone, and arrange a relative or friend to bring you and stay with you in the first 24 hours.

It is very important not to eat or drink anything the night before the surgery.

It is recommended that you take a shower or bath the night before your surgery as it can be difficult for a few days after your surgery.

Remove your nail polish as this will help the anesthesiologist monitor your blood circulation during surgery. When you come to the surgery, remove all your piercings and do not wear any jewelry.

Where is the incision made in breast augmentation surgery?

Incisions are carried out on the armpit, the areola or the inframammary fold for breast augmentation. Although it is said that there is less scar left in the armpit prosthesis placement, it has not become widespread due to technical difficulties and aesthetic results. It is especially preferred for serum filled implant. If the surgeon prefers access to the areola, the relationship between the size and diameter of the prosthesis to be placed and the diameter of the areola is very important. Trying to insert a large prosthesis from a small areola may not be the right choice. Breast prostheses placed from the areola can contact the milk ducts, which can lead to the coating of the prosthesis with bacteria. In addition, white colored scars on the red areola may occur after surgery. Moreover, it may be technically difficult to place an implant under the muscle from the areola. The inframammary fold is the most preferred place although it is not better than other methods in terms of postoperative scars. The reasons can be listed as follows; it provides the surgeon good exposure and maneuver, which is especially important for anatomical shaped prosthesis because anatomical shaped implants should be exactly placed in true position. Prosthesis can be placed without any contact with the breast tissue and lactation ducts. If there is no excessive wound healing problem (hypertrophic scar), the postoperative scars that are usually hidden under the breast are uncertain.

How is decided the size of the silicone prosthesis to be placed in breast augmentation surgery?

It is decided according to both the wishes of the person who wants to have aesthetic breast augmentation surgery and the dimensions of the breast of that person. If the width of the prosthesis to be used exceeds the width of the breast, there can be a transition problem between them, such as balloons placed on top of each other, in the other hand if a very small prosthesis is placed, the desired result cannot be obtained. If an implant is placed under the breast that will increase its projection excessively, the existing breast tissue can be trapped between the prosthesis and the skin. Breast tissue can be atrophied by the time.

Are there different shapes of breast prosthesis?

There are two forms of breast prostheses, round and anatomical. The circular prosthesis has two dimensions, width and projection, while anatomical prostheses have three dimensions such as width, height and projection. Anatomical breast implant should be placed very carefully. If it is not in the proper position, there may lead aesthetic deformities in the breast shape. Anatomic implants provide balanced and moderate augmentation in breast. The round breast implant adds volume to both the top and bottom of the breast.

Where is the breast implant placed?

If the subcutaneous adipose tissue is sufficient thickness, it can cover and camouflage the implant. In this case the implant can be placed just below the breast tissue. Placing the implant under the breast tissue is a less complicated intervention within the surgeon. However, if the patient’s subcutaneous tissue does not cover and hide the implant, especially the upper part of the implant is placed under a muscle called the Pectoralis Major. This procedure may be a little more complicated for surgeon and more painful for the patient, but good aesthetic results can be obtained. These two techniques can be combined and called as dual plane.

What should the patient care to after breast surgery?

After surgery, a special bra is used to prevent excessive swelling and bruising in the breast. This bra is worn day and night for the first month, and only nights for the next two months. Especially, patients with submuscular prosthetics they should do the recommended exercises. Women after the breast augmentation surgery usually return to their normal lives within 3-4 days, but it is necessary to avoid excessive fatigue in the first weeks. It may start mild sports in 2-3 weeks after the surgery, but caution should be done movements of involving the pectoralis major muscle. All activities can be done safely after four and six weeks.

Does the breast prosthesis burst in the body?

Breast prostheses are delivered to physicians after very serious researches and endurance tests. Therefore, unless a penetrating trauma toward the human body, quality prostheses maintain their integrity for life.
Is there any difficulty in radiological examinations to be performed on the breast after the breast augmentation?
Breast implants do not prevent radiological examination of the breast.
If the radiologist, who will examine the breast, have experience about breast prosthesis, examination can be easier.